The agency has a register of models working for them. It is updated on a regular basis.

The Inspiring Style of Model Asia P. Iwka

Model Asia P. Iwka has been making waves on the fashion scene with her unique and inspiring style. Not only is

A Closer Look at the Modeling Career of Agnieszka Kordowska

Agnieszka Kordowska is a Polish model who has been making waves in the fashion industry since she first debute

Model: Natalia Koziorowska

Hostess during the day, in the evenings a DJ from the Wrocław nightclub. A transport engineer by education, pa

Model: Marlena Kosior

Marlena is interested in music and theater. She likes to travel and develop her English language skils, also l

Model: Ewa Kepysz

For several years, she has been posing and running an Instagram account (over 400,000 followers). Photos and p

Model: Edyta Zając - Walczak

Alabaster skin and gray-green eyes are her trademarks. Edyta is an aspiring model with a passion for home baki

Model: Aleksandra Harazim - Dutka

Aleksandra owes her exotic beauty to her maternal genome - her grandmother comes from Malaysia. Creative 26 ye

Model: Zuzanna Wieczorek

Zuzanna is an open person, not afraid of challenges and ready to implement various interesting ideas together.

Model: Justyna Rybaczek - Adamowska

The experienced model, specializing in glamour. She comes from Białystok, reads fantasy novels in her free tim